Gingko TCM Centre



Gingko TCM Centre or Chai Tat Fatt as know to their regulars was established in 2008. The founder, Mr Chai Tat Fatt has been practicing traditional chinese medicine since early 2004.

gingkotcm_2.jpgMr Chai first studied traditional chinese medicine when he had to wind up his garment factory of 10 years. Instead of allowing himself to focus on his misfortune, he decided to put into action his personal motto of “earning is a life-long journey” and followed his heart and passion, study traditional chinese medicine in 1997. He graduated in 2004 and started practicing before setting up his own establishment in March 2008. He overcome all adversity through self-confidence, determination, efficiency and sheer hardwork.

Overtime, as a traditional chinese medicine practitioner, he gained repute mainly for his ability in helping patients with troubled skin, and cites curing and reliving the discomfort of his patients as his motivation. Gingko TCM centre differs from other traditional Chinese medicine clinics as their customers know them for their specialization in treating troubled skin, that other therapies, western or chinese could not help with. Their full range of treatments consists of traditional chinese medicine diagnosis and prescription, acupuncture and massage therapy. Mr Chai credits today’s success to his keen attitude towards learning; never cease to research and pursue faster, more comfortable and highly effective treatments for his patients.

With no plans for overseas expansion, he prefers to focus his efforts and time into finding more ways of incorporating traditional chinese medicine while expanding his current practice into one that is able to specialize at curing and catering to all sorts of skin issues. Gingko TCM Centre’s products are abstract from top quality chinese herbs and can be taken in powder or capsule form. Mr Chai also creates topical application products for his patients with skin conditions.




Despite his recognition, he is known as a sincere and caring person towards his staff and patients. Mr Chai has aligned his practice with the government, pledging to hire the disabled or elderly; giving back to society in any way that he can and look up to every teacher and professor at his traditional chinese medicine school as mentors and role models whom played a big part in inspiring and encouraging him during his first years of esablishment.


101 Up Cross St, #B1-73, People’s Park Centre, Singpaore 058357

Tel: (65) 6747 3630 / 9296 1729

This post is part of Asia’s Top Achievers 2017 by Asia Brands Pte Ltd, an initiation to recognize and honour the SME’s and entrepreneurs’ success.

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In achieving industry excellence and outstanding performance, to be ready to compete globally make such achievements truly commendable.

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